Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My review of the final episode of the X-Files (season 10 2016). My Struggle part 2...

My Struggle part 2

So what did you think of the season finale of the X-Files season 10? Did it at least conclude the alien conspiracy for you or did it leave it open to conjecture? Do you think they will continue the series at some point or are we left to use our own mind to decide how it ended for good? Did you think the alien craft came to blow up Scully and Mulder the same way it did that woman (the actress From The Americans, Annet Mahendru) in the first episode? These are some of the questions I'm asking myself so now I'm passing them on to you. What questions do you have about this finale? As a whole did you enjoy season ten or could you take it or leave it? I personally enjoyed it and hope they will return with more,,,maybe a movie. Wishful thinking I guess...what are your thoughts?

By RAM c 2016 The Sarlacc Pit

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