Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fahrenheit at Hershey Park, August 2008

The name of the site is so what better than to post a video of a very cool roller coaster. Check out Fahrenheit at Hershey. Awesome (!) is the word. How about a few construction photos from April 2008 also?

Rob Mosley

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RailFest 2008, Altoona, Pa.

This post started off as test of my blog service with Blogger but it turned out to be a very nice service and what more could you want for free? It turned out to be better than GoDaddy's blog service which is a paid service. In turn I made this a 'real' post instead of a test.

Anyway, this video is from RailFest 2008 in Altoona Pa. It was taken by the RailRoaders Museum. You can check out photos from this event at on the Non Coaster Gallery. Enjoy and check back often as there's more to come.

Rob Mosley

VideoCast #1

This is test and an introduction to with some information about the site and what you should expect to see on it going forward. Enjoy...Rob Mosley