Friday, October 11, 2019

Serge A Storms

This is the first book review I've done on my blog and it's 
about a pretty cool series featuring the character Serge A Storms
who is a fun loving adventurous homicidal maniac who resides
in Florida along with his sidekick and dope smoking buddy,
Coleman. Together they get into all kinds of trouble all over Florida.
The series is written by Tim Dorsey....

I'm a late comer to this series having only just begun reading it
just over three years ago. The series started in 1999. I don't actually
read it. I listen to it via audio books because it's more convenient
for me. I absolutely recommend this series if you like stories that
will make go, OMG!, and WTF! It's a lot of fun and adventure!!!

My only issue with this series of audio books is that every so
often they change the narrator which totally derails me! I get
used to the characters sounding one way and then they change
it and it makes it feel like a whole different series. I do eventually
adjust to the new narrator but it takes a while. If you like reading
a book yourself you won't have this

With that said, check out Serge A Storms for a wild and wacky
homicidal ride through Florida!  

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