Sunday, February 12, 2017

My review of the new cd by Primitive Radio Gods

Primitive Radio Gods have finally released a new album. It came out in late December 2016 and was their first album of new material in roughly six years. They are without a doubt one of my favorite bands. They had one major record label cd titled 'Rocket' in 1996. Their hit song off that cd was 'Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand'. That's the song that made me notice them albeit many years after that song came out. Subsequent releases after that were done on their own record label as far as I can tell. I have them all and I'm very impressed by most of the stuff they have done. I'm listening to 'Normalizer' from 'Still Electric' as I write this review. I would say 'Still Electric' was and is my favorite album by them... However the new album 'Manmade Sun'  is just about even with that album but maybe trailing by just a few percentage points. Out of five stars I give 'Manmade Sun' a solid four stars. Be aware though that I have never rated anything a solid five stars. To rate something that high it would have to come over my house and clean it and do my clothes and cook and so on and provide me with some pretty good ear candy! That being said... Get yourself a copy of 'Manmade Sun' whether it be MP3 download or the very limited physical cd. You won't be disappointed. I want to personally thank Chris, Tim and Luke (the band members) for the great music they produce... RAM
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